Why Verbatim Transcription

Control Costs and Reduce Financial Risks

No monetary investments, no capital expenditures, no software purchases, no maintenance costs, no contractual commitments are required. All while reducing your operational costs!

Clinicians Continue to Dictate

Verbatim Transcription's DaRT™ (Discrete Accurate Reportable Transcription) offers medical facilities an EMR/EHR implementation approach that minimizes operational change and completely eliminates physician productivity loss. Verbatim Transcription works with traditional dictation, allowing doctors to practice medicine and thoroughly document every patient encounter quickly and efficiently without a need to learn and work with computer software systems. Physicians can continue to dictate while taking full advantage of an implemented EMR with no additional fee. 

Electronic Medical Record (EMR), HIS or Clinical Repository Integration at No Additional Cost

Verbatim Transcription interfaces with any RIS, HIS, EMR or clinical repository. DaRT tags transcription content (Eg. Chief Complaint, Medical History, Family History, etc.) and discretely populates your EMR/EHR automatically, as if the clinician had entered it themselves.  If a medical facility has an EMR system in place, Verbatim Transcription can automatically populate all transcriptions into the clinical repository.  If an EMR system is in your future, Verbatim Transcription will maintain and store all the history needed to populate the future EMR when it becomes a reality.

Speech Recognition

Speech recognition capabilities provided by M*Modal can be used without incurring costs upfront.  Speech recognition can lower transcription costs by utilizing technology that produces "draft" transcriptions which are then reviewed by qualified editors.  This process can reduce transcription costs by as much as 35%.

Streamlined Workflow / Increased Productivity

Medical facilities map the workflow of their transcriptions, and routing occurs automatically with the completion of each step.  Any authorized user can view, edit, electronically sign, and automatically route transcriptions, online, 24/7/365. Transcriptions can be routed automatically via auto-fax or a referral folder within the system.  Alternatively, convenient features exist to help in the standard mailing of transcriptions — automatically printing the number of transcriptions required (based upon the number of copied clinicians on a report), automatically creating a #10 envelope for each copied clinician, automatically generating a standard cover letter.


Whether transferring dictations or processing transcriptions, the Emdat suite of applications meets all HIPAA and HCFA regulations.  User access to system content can be allocated based on clinician, location, and work type. We use state of the art, 128-bit encryption throughout our system.

Technical Support/Software as a Service

We are committed to providing quality products and responsive service to our clients at no additional charge.  The Implementation Team ensures a seamless transition to our platform.  The Interface Team is well versed in the current healthcare interfacing standards.  The Support/Help Desk Team is available for questions and guidance 7AM to 7PM CST Monday through Friday.  The mission is to provide a live help desk team member to each call and solve issues as quickly as possible.  All servers and applications are monitored 365 days a year, 24 hours per day. Verbatim Transcription's implementation, maintenance, interface and support teams are at the Medical Facility's disposal at no cost. Because software upgrades are handled by Verbatim Transcription, there is no risk for technological obsolescence.


Our highly qualified staff is diligent about Quality Assurance (QA), using multiple levels to ensure overall accuracy.  Many companies tout 98% accuracy.  This means 2 words in 100 are incorrect.  Don’t settle for less than 99.9% accuracy.

Industry Acceptance

Our web based software package is used by over 2,000 medical facilities, ranging from large universities to two-doctor medical groups.

U.S.-Only Transcription

All transcription is performed within the United States by experienced medical transcriptionists, ensuring that U.S. privacy laws are enforced throughout.

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